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Turn Casual into Classy and Dressy!

29 Mar

The weather is getting warmer by the day which means there will be more outdoor activities and events to attend to. Whether it be shopping with the ladies, dinner with the boyfriend, or girls night out, it can be a great hassle rushing home after a long day to change your entire look into a more dressier one.

In this post I will be showing you how to turn casual looks into dressy looks by just adding ONE ITEM- A BLAZER! (or anything that falls under that category). It totally is an item that can be kept with you throughout the day; so going home to change would not be necessary. You just have to pop that bad boy on when your ready, and you are good to go. But what is even better about these outfits are the fact that no heavy dramatic jewelry is needed; maybe some studs but that would be about all. The prints and detailing are enough to dress you up!

These outfits are hassle-free and I would recommend them to all the ladies out there who are always on their feet running from one activity to the next! 🙂

Printed Blazers

By adding a printed blazer, the feel of the entire outfit changes and becomes more suitable for a night out.

Coloured Blazers

I think this casual outfit is perfect for a brunch or lunch date, which later on can be transformed into a late night stroll with your boyfriend.

Collarless Tweed Jackets

This casual outfit is perfect for shopping with the ladies which can easily be changed to a girls night out with this cute chain detailed tweed jacket.

I hope this post was useful to some of you folks, if not all 🙂

Let me know what you guys think of these outfits, and what one item you would add to dress up a casual look!

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26 Mar

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! I mean it could’ve been a little bit warmer, but considering how cruel Mother Nature has been with us for the past week in Toronto, I think we have finally gotten on Her good side! So to celebrate, I thought I would spring-up my outfit today by pairing yellow, blue, and pink pastels together. I really love how these specific three colours compliment each other and give off a soothing sensual feel that is also fun.

Here is a brief description of my outfit: paired a yellow sleeveless top with a white peter pan collar, and cinched my waist with a white belt, followed with some light blue coloured denim, and a pair of cute pink jewelled flats. And since it was still a little chilly I wore a black and beige leather jacket and a beige infinity scarf.

Let me know what you all think of this outfit and what pastel colours you’re going to pair this spring! 🙂





24 Mar

Boldness is something we all need to give us that glowing confidence. Whether it be through our personalities, or maybe the way we flaunt that miraculously stunning outfit we were able to put together this morning. Either way, it will definitely help us set and achieve goals we are passionate about. But I must say, it can be quite a fickle trying to step out of that comfort zone and standout. Thus, I bring to you a piece of my closet to help those who have trapped themselves in their comfortable little boxes.

I hope these outfits will inspire many to create their own bold looks!


Not only will stripes be in this spring, but heads will be turning your way when you add simple pieces like these to your outfit!




 An all black look has always been and will further continue to be a classic BOLD look for anytime of the year. 🙂

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