Me, Myself, and I

19 Apr

So I woke up today feeling pretty lousy- not only because of the gloomy weather, but mainly because of the damn monthly cycle we women have to face. That was not the surprise I wanted this morning….winning the lottery would have been much better…

So I noticed that I have not been posting as often, and I am definitely not in the mood to pose up and take pictures of myself wearing different outfits. So that leaves me to rant about any topic that comes to mind. Thus, todays topic will be about…drum roll please……

Confidence in Image and Finding Yourself

Confidence was something that I struggled with a lot growing up. I was always the shortest out of everyone, and I was not too happy with the features on my face and body. I mean, I always loved dressing up ever since elementary school; but the problem was that I was doing all of it to please others and to feel accepted. I was actually very insecure of my image at a very young age; I would constantly pick at my flaws and put myself down for them. What all that picking really did was feed and help my insecurities grow; and clothes and makeup just became a cover up to give the illusion that I was actually confident but in reality I was not even close. One thing I have learned from past experiences is that when my insecurities kept growing I became more and more vulnerable to a point where I was allowing people to walk all over me and take advantage. I would have to say though, that looking back now I am so grateful for those experiences because it really shook something inside of me when I had had enough, and all of a sudden I began to see the world in a different perspective. Pleasing others became a thing of the past and pleasing myself became my focus, and that is when my confidence started to bloom into a wonderful flower it is today. I started to love my image and different attributes of myself; I never thought standing in front of a mirror would bring such joy and happiness. So now when I dress up and put on makeup, it is because I enjoy putting outfits together, it is like artwork for me- a form of expression. 🙂

I feel that after I gained confidence in my image I was able to find a piece of myself and a piece of who I really am. It is something everyone struggles with in their lifetime, whether you call it soul searching, finding yourself, finding your purpose, your calling… all starts with confidence and being able to accept yourself. Although image is a big one, there are still so many aspects in my life where I need to strengthen my confidence in. For example, one can be confident in their image but lack confidence in their speech or work ethic, or doubt themselves constantly even though they have so much potential to do great things.

I believe that once you start gaining confidence in different aspects of your life such as: image, career, relationships, etc. you begin to find yourself and a deeper meaning of who you are and what happiness means to you.

We all have our different stories of struggle, but at the end of the day no one can lift you out of your own pit but yourself. So put on your sneakers and start climbing!


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