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Flower Girl

26 Aug

Hello Lovelies,


The end of summer is almost near and it is time to take full advantage of the last couple of weeks of sunshine.

I put together two outfits that screams “summer don’t leave us!”  The main focus of the outfits is the DIY floral crown I decided to make this weekend (which I should have made when summer started). But  moving forward, the crown really makes the outfits stand out and brings it all together. This look is very feminine, cute, flirty, and of course perfect towards the end of summer and the beginning….im just a little late. 😛



I hope you enjoyed these two looks I put together. Please comment and let me know what you all think and what you would wear towards the end of summer. Also don’t forget to like and follow!

Until next time…





Vintage Pin-up Inspired Look

28 Jul

Hello lovelies!

I know I have been MIA for almost two months now but I’m back and ready to post, post, and post!

So to start off, I went to winners about a week and a half ago to go pencil skirt hunting. Luckily I bumped into this beautiful lace/crochet, navy blue, below the knee pencil shirt. I was a tad bit worried about the length of the skirt, because I thought it would make me look shorter, but after trying it on I fell in love with it instantly. To tell you the truth the length of the skirt was actually very appealing to me. It reminded me of the 40s and up era. Thus, my inspiration for this look I put together is based on a vintage pinup look.

Reserved and classy yet sexy at the same time… 😉


I had a lot of fun putting this look together and a lot of fun shooting it as well. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you all think by leaving a comment and for those of you who are not following me; please follow me if you like what you see!


UNTIL NEXT TIME ( which I promise wont be 2 months later)


Neutral Dress with Some Edge!

20 Jun

Hello my lovelies,

So today my post will be on a neutral based look that has a dressy, and edgy side to it. I really had fun putting this together and I definitely would wear this outfit on a night out or on an occasion that is not too casual.

So with that being said, here is the look and I hope you all like it! 🙂


For this outfit I paired a beige tank dress with a beige and black leather jacket. For shoes I kept the same color scheme but the snake skin detailing really made the shoes pop out and allowed the outfit to really come together nicely. Finally for accessories I wore some big round patterned studs again with similar colors and some big round sun glasses (WHICH I LOVE!).


So there you have it everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this short but pretty awesome post-I would like to think 😛 .

Please let me know what you all think by commenting; whether you like this outfit or not I still want to know 🙂

And I also made another blog on Photography…so if you all can check that out it would be much appreciated, just click on this link PicturePerfectPerfectionist

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Until next time…


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


16 Jun

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted, so here is a quick previous outfit of the day. I wore this sometime last week when the sun was shining with no intrusion of rain; so it really was a good day. I decided to wear an army green camouflage muscle shirt which I cut a bit of the length off as well as the arms, and paired it with my cropped distressed denim jacket, some plain black leggings which I rolled up, and finally some plain black velvet flats. It truly was one of the most comfortable outfits I wore. I loved it 🙂

I hope you all lovelies like this outfit I casually put together…let me know what you think; so feel free to comment and don’t forget to follow!



🙂 🙂 🙂


22 May

Hello my wonderful readers,

It has been quite some time since my last post, and I do apologize; sometimes life just gets the best of us and puts too many fruits in the basket for us to carry. But I have finally gotten some time to put this post together, and I hope you all enjoy!

So basically right now in Toronto the weather is very hormonal; very much like me… one minute its raining and the next its all smiles and sunshine. And in all honesty, when it rains I like to dress very comfortable, and very covered; I don’t know why but it just puts me in a bum-ish mood. But that did not discourage me from wearing a cute outfit today! NO SIR, IT DID NOT! I put on my invisible yet glamorous and fabulous thinking cap on and instantly an image of a maxi skirt popped in my head. But…not just any kind of maxi skirt… a body-con maxi skirt; always adds that sexiness to an outfit!

I decided to go with neutral colors; but to make it not so boring I mixed two different patterns together which I think turned out awesome. This outfit was also extremely comfortable which I needed due to the 5 minute weather change routine this city was having. But with that said, take a look for yourself and hopefully you gain some ideas for your own outfit!


OOTD: grey body-con maxi skirt, black and white stripped tank, navy blue and white diamond patterned cardigan, and a skinny black belt with a silver buckle, finished the look off with some black flats and a black clutch with silver detailing.


Let me know what you lovely readers and bloggers think about this outfit by commenting; and if you like my outfits feel free to follow and subscribe. I will try my best to keep my posts consistent.

Until next time……


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Me, Myself, and I

19 Apr

So I woke up today feeling pretty lousy- not only because of the gloomy weather, but mainly because of the damn monthly cycle we women have to face. That was not the surprise I wanted this morning….winning the lottery would have been much better…

So I noticed that I have not been posting as often, and I am definitely not in the mood to pose up and take pictures of myself wearing different outfits. So that leaves me to rant about any topic that comes to mind. Thus, todays topic will be about…drum roll please……

Confidence in Image and Finding Yourself

Confidence was something that I struggled with a lot growing up. I was always the shortest out of everyone, and I was not too happy with the features on my face and body. I mean, I always loved dressing up ever since elementary school; but the problem was that I was doing all of it to please others and to feel accepted. I was actually very insecure of my image at a very young age; I would constantly pick at my flaws and put myself down for them. What all that picking really did was feed and help my insecurities grow; and clothes and makeup just became a cover up to give the illusion that I was actually confident but in reality I was not even close. One thing I have learned from past experiences is that when my insecurities kept growing I became more and more vulnerable to a point where I was allowing people to walk all over me and take advantage. I would have to say though, that looking back now I am so grateful for those experiences because it really shook something inside of me when I had had enough, and all of a sudden I began to see the world in a different perspective. Pleasing others became a thing of the past and pleasing myself became my focus, and that is when my confidence started to bloom into a wonderful flower it is today. I started to love my image and different attributes of myself; I never thought standing in front of a mirror would bring such joy and happiness. So now when I dress up and put on makeup, it is because I enjoy putting outfits together, it is like artwork for me- a form of expression. 🙂

I feel that after I gained confidence in my image I was able to find a piece of myself and a piece of who I really am. It is something everyone struggles with in their lifetime, whether you call it soul searching, finding yourself, finding your purpose, your calling… all starts with confidence and being able to accept yourself. Although image is a big one, there are still so many aspects in my life where I need to strengthen my confidence in. For example, one can be confident in their image but lack confidence in their speech or work ethic, or doubt themselves constantly even though they have so much potential to do great things.

I believe that once you start gaining confidence in different aspects of your life such as: image, career, relationships, etc. you begin to find yourself and a deeper meaning of who you are and what happiness means to you.

We all have our different stories of struggle, but at the end of the day no one can lift you out of your own pit but yourself. So put on your sneakers and start climbing!

Seth Adam Smith

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